How to Install Spot Graphics on Windows

The successful installation of window graphics comes down to basic techniques and understanding the media you’re working with. Whether it’s a small spot graphic or large panels of graphics, you’ll often use similar steps to get quality results.

If you’re installing a solid, printed section of graphics, for example, a logo that is not cut to shape, then you may not need application tape. If it’s hot outside, then I recommend applying application tape to help avoid stretching. Any contour cut graphics need to have application tape.

If the graphics do not extend to the edge of the window, then there is a little different installation method. Start by putting small pieces of masking tape on the top two corners of the graphics against a clean surface. Get in the habit of eye-balling placement to get as close to centered (left to right) and at the height you desire. You’ll still need to measure, but you’ll find that over time, you get good at placing by eye first, and it cuts down on time spent measuring and moving.

Once the graphic is approximately positioned, we measure left to right first, then from the closest straight line to a text line or straight section of the graphics vertically. Although we cut straight weed borders on our graphics, we still double check measurements by measuring to the text as well.

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Charity Jackson

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