Atlantis Headwear Goes Solar

The manufacturer recently installed a solar array at its warehouse in Venice, Italy.

solar atlantis headwear
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Atlantis Headwear, an Italian headwear manufacturer, recently installed a photovoltaic system (solar panels) atop its warehouse facility.

The new solar panels were installed at the Atlantis Headwear headquarters located in Venice, Italy.

According to the company, the installation is its latest initiative toward minimizing its carbon footprint.

“The solar panel installation is a proactive move to mitigate direct emissions and transition towards sustainable energy alternatives,” stated Atlantis.

Projections suggest this renewable resource will account for a remarkable 50% of the total energy consumption. A monitoring system has been integrated, affording real-time access to data showcasing energy output and the consequential reduction in CO2 emissions.

The company stated it is committed to fostering awareness and action for our planet, championing sustainability not only through its 100% sustainable line but also through its broader corporate practices, such as powering down for Earth Hour earlier this month.

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