STAHLS’ Prints Custom Jerseys for NFL Draft Picks

This marks the 13th year the Michigan-based company will work behind the scenes at the NFL Draft.

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Michigan-based STAHLS’ – a global apparel decoration technology, software, and equipment manufacturer, is ready to go for the 2024 NFL Draft on April 25 – 27.

The St. Clair Shores-based company will work behind the scenes in their home state to personalize jerseys for each first-round pick as they are announced in the NFL Draft Theatre, located in front of the award-winning Campus Martius Park.

STAHLS’ manufactures and applies the names of newly drafted players to the selected team’s jersey at the NFL Draft. The team will have less than two minutes, from the moment the individual is drafted to the time the player meets the commissioner on stage, to personalize the jersey in the Nike Jersey Room backstage.

The intense preparation process starts in advance of the Draft requiring STAHLS’ to create nameplates for every potential first-round draftee in all 32 team NFL team fonts and colors. The company expects to prepare almost 2,000 nameplates for this year’s Draft. The Nike Jersey room will have eight jerseys per team on hand, should there be last-minute trades.

(Image courtesy of STAHLS’)

STAHLS’ personalizes two jerseys for each Draft pick, including the jersey handed to the player on-stage, and one that’s utilized as part of the players’ rookie playing card pack.

“From little league to the ultimate stage at the NFL Draft, and everything in between, millions of athletes around the world wear STAHLS’ products. There’s a good chance that this year’s draftees have been wearing STAHLS’ products their whole life. We’re proud to be part of their journey,” said Carleen Gray, CEO of GroupeSTAHL.

This year marks the 13th year STAHLS’ will work behind the scenes at the NFL Draft. According to Brent Kisha, STAHLS’ VP of strategic sales, “Andrew Luck was the first pick and first jersey we made in 2012. Our Hotronix print-on-demand technology makes it possible to react so quickly, and we are thrilled to be a part of the NFL Draft in our home state.”

STAHLS’ is a licensee and supplier to the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA, as well as many retail leaders – outfitting players on the field and fans in the stands.

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