Orbus Recycles 75% of Waste in 2023

The company also diverted 1.6 million pounds of waste from landfills.

Orbus' recycled wood (Image courtesy of Orbus)

For over a decade, Orbus Visual Communications has proudly recycled 75% of its total waste, diverting more than 10 million pounds from landfills.

In 2023 alone, Orbus recycled over 1.6 million pounds of cardboard, paper, aluminum, fabric, plastic, steel, wood, and other materials, eliminating 80% of its waste from landfills.

Orbus has built and maintained a recycling program that separates recycled waste into categories such as cardboard, paper, aluminum, fabric, steel, and others. Orbus recycles 100% of its fabric and has campaigns set in place to further minimize waste and reprints.

This year, Orbus is working with a new wood recycler, Jimenez Pallets Inc., who turns wood waste into new pallets or into mulch if the waste is not salvageable.

According to the company, with an established commitment to protecting the planet, Orbus places a premium on environmental awareness in all aspects of its operations. It states it recognizes that the world’s natural resources are limited and fragile and considers environmental awareness a must.

“It’s truly inspiring to witness Orbus’ evolution towards greater eco-consciousness,” said Orbus Vice President of Marketing Natalie Whited. “We’re proud of the progress we’ve made, but even more excited to continually implement more green practices in years to come.”

Orbus recyclables separation system (Image courtesy of Orbus)

Orbus headquarters has 100% motion-sensor LED lighting, water dispensers placed throughout the facility, automatic water fixtures, a product rental program to limit waste, and engineers and designs products for longevity.

Orbus has been ISO 14001:2015 certified since 2010. This certification acknowledges its environmental management system that minimizes its impact on the environment in the design, manufacture, and storage of trade show displays and accessories.

This Earth Month, Orbus emphasizes its mission to lead by example and inspire others to embrace eco-conscious practices for a healthier, greener future.

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