Infinity Her Teams Up With Nonprofit to Celebrate Volunteers

The partnership aims to support volunteers with Samaritan Community Center during National Volunteer Week.

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Samaritan House volunteer, David Hall, loads up donated caps from Infinity Her. (Image courtesy of Infinity Her)

Infinity Product Group, the parent company of women’s headwear brand Infinity Her, collaborated with Samaritan Community Center, a nonprofit organization based in Arkansas, to honor volunteers.

According to the company, the partnership aims to support those in need and to honor the remarkable volunteers contributing to the community, coinciding with National Volunteer Week from April 21-27.

Founded in 1989 as Samaritan House, the nonprofit initially focused on providing clothing to individuals in need. Over the years, it expanded its scope to address various community challenges, including hunger, leading to its rebranding as Samaritan Community Center. Today, the organization operates two locations in Northwest Arkansas, offering initiatives such as Samaritan Café, which provides free hot meals, and Samaritan Farm, which cultivates produce for the café and market.

Infinity Product Group will extend its support to Samaritan Shop, comprising two resale stores offering new or gently used clothing, household items, and furniture. These shops play a vital role in generating revenue for Samaritan Community Center, with $1 out of every $3 in operating revenue sourced from shop sales. Additionally, donations enable the distribution of free clothing vouchers to individuals in need, totaling $40,307 in 2022.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the partnership, Ramona Watson, V.P. product development/marketing, stated, “Infinity Product Group is deeply honored to collaborate with Samaritan Community Center. Our commitment to giving back is rooted in the very community that has supported us since 1997. Partnering with Samaritan allows us to extend our impact and support those in need, embodying our company’s core values.”

As part of their inaugural donation in April 2024, Infinity Product Group will supply merchandise to Samaritan Shops and present caps to volunteers as a token of appreciation during National Volunteer Week.

Together, Infinity Product Group and Samaritan Community Center are dedicated to addressing food insecurity, fostering hope, and treating all individuals with dignity and compassion.

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