COVID-19 Sales Tips for Sign Shops

Now that you have your customers’ attention with COVID-related products like sneeze guards and floor graphics, you can start to sell them on your core products.

For example, some customers may need rerouting solutions because their hallways are too narrow. That calls for signage and wayfinding. While you are at it, why not add some door signs also? Maybe a new wrap to renovate the reception area?

Here are some examples of selling opportunities during COVID-19:

Upsell (for example sell the deluxe line or the enhanced version of a product instead of the standard, affordable one)

  • COVID sneeze screens that match the customer’s interior instead of plain ones
  • Customized distancing stickers with the logo and colors of the customer’s branding

Cross-sell (for example sell one product and at the same time suggest a second one that can also match the customer’s needs)

  • Wrap the reception desk to “pair it” with the COVID-19 signage or other social distancing products
  • Small signage, suspended, or door signs to reroute visitors through wider corridors

Bundle (for example sell one product, offering one more different product with a discount)

  • Distancing stickers with a discount when your customers order new routing signs
  • Flyers and new business cards with a discount when your customers order regular sign products

Why not brainstorm with your customers? Talk to them about how they are getting through these strange times instead of just supplying their needs. These conversations and connections with your customer on a more personal level will create additional sales in the future and keep you top of mind.

Also, don’t forget, when business is quiet, you can take advantage of the extra free time to revamp your website. Make sure you have a good customer/contact database. Clean up and organize your mailing lists and send out newsletter updates, combining it with new and engaging content on social media.

It might also be time to finally add the online shop to your website or even modernize your whole selling process by setting up a CRM. Now, you have a lot of standard COVID products to add, which are basically just “box-movers.” When the webshop is set up properly, it is easier to cross-sell while you can focus again on your core and creative sign business!

Paul Kock Signdev

Paul Koch


Paul Koch is the founder of Signdev and has been employed in the graphic and sign industry since 1993. Working as a signmaker for 10+ years, he gained expertise in sign manufacturing, vinyl applications, car wrapping, and sign construction. Now, he is the product developer and designer at Signdev, focusing on designing sign and wayfinding systems. Paul is also partner at Modulex Group in Greece where he develops complete high-end wayfinding solutions and strategies for the hospitality, healthcare, and public sector.

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