An order calls for screen printing and heat printing on each shirt. What’s the proper order and procedure for getting this job done without damage to either decoration?

Generally, most printers agree it’s best to apply screen-printed decoration and then heat press any additional elements needed. Heat-pressed vinyl can become too hot when traveling through the dryer while curing any screen-printed parts of the design. This can cause heat press names or number to melt, wrinkle or even stick together if you’re not careful. If you find yourself in a scenario where you must heat press first be sure to check your dryer temps and speeds and make sure you are not heating beyond the needed temp.

Be sure to have a designated “catcher” in place at the end of the dryer before sending any garments down. Letting shirts fall into a box is asking for trouble and will probably result in vinyl sticking together and ruined garments.

It’s also a good idea to take a little extra time with a job that involves multiple types of decorations. Having to set up a screen-printed design twice due to a misplaced name or number is no fun for anyone and can really eat into margins. Make sure you double check number orientations as well as shirt sizes and names to be sure you are applying the correct transfer to the appropriate garment. Watch out for 2s and 5s!

—T&J Printing Supply

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Aaron has 10+ years of experience in the screen printing industry as a printer and production manager. He previously held a position with T&J Printing Supply as an educator and regional sales representative.

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