ASI Acquires Promo-Focused Events & Media Portfolio

ASI obtained PRINTING United Alliance's Power Meetings events and Print & Promo Marketing media brand.

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The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), a technology, marketing, and information provider in the promotional products industry, announced it has acquired a promo-focused events and media portfolio from PRINTING United Alliance.

Under the agreement, ASI acquired the Alliance’s Power Meetings events and Print & Promo Marketing media brand and formed a new, long-term strategic partnership with the Alliance.

According to the companies, the partnership is said to pave the way for members of both organizations to capitalize on the increasing convergence of promo products and print distributors, printing and apparel, and promo decoration.

“Today’s deal marks a new era and transformative leap for both ASI and our industry,” said Timothy M. Andrews, ASI president and CEO. “To drive growth in the promo industry, collaboration is imperative. Considering that 20% of ASI distributors have ties to the print sector and a similar proportion of screen printers have expanded into promo, the potential for synergy is clear. By pooling talents across promo, screen printing, print, and decorating, we’ll create a dynamic marketplace unparalleled in its scope and possibilities, while bringing together ASI suppliers, decorators, and distributors at more relationship-building events than ever before.”

Dave Leskusky, president of PRINTING United Alliance, emphasized the strategic significance of ASI’s acquisition. “The investment that ASI has made sets the stage for co-marketing of events and trade shows, joint education at events, and more,” Leskusky said. “For the many printers and print distributors evaluating promo products or interested in expanding their promo business, this partnership offers access to ASI. For ASI suppliers and distributors who decorate in-house, this exciting relationship delivers invaluable support, education, research, events, and expert guidance on the best techniques and technology to help them more effectively and efficiently decorate promo products.”

Effective immediately, ASI assumes ownership of:

  • Events: Five Power Meetings and Power House hosted-buyer events
  • Media: Print & Promo Marketing (PPM) magazine, daily e-newsletter, media website, and free Print & Promo Marketing Product Search tool

ASI and the Alliance are also teaming up to offer an ASI Promo Products Knowledge Center along with promo-focused education sessions at PRINTING United Expo. In turn, the Alliance will offer print-focused educational content at all three of ASI’s trade shows.

To ensure continuity, ASI stated it will preserve the Alliance’s media and event branding and the Alliance will continue to manage its scheduled 2024 hosted-buyer events.

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