Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions Announces New Classes 

New class offerings focus on automotive paint protection film (PPF) and automotive window film

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions announces new training class offerings for automotive paint protection film (PPF) and automotive window film. Both classes are suitable for beginners with no experience and installers looking to improve their skills. These courses are designed to provide participants with training to develop skills and techniques and lower installation time.

The new PPF offering is a three-day class offered at six different locations between August and November. Trainer Narayan Andrews, the owner of Spectrum Auto out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, leads the course.

Attendees will learn techniques for installing Avery Dennison PPF and how to use its VDT cutting software for pre-cut kits. The hands-on program is 90% live demonstrations and real-world practice. The balance of the time focuses on how to sell, promote, and network to grow business. Following a successful class, each participant will receive a certificate of completion and application tools and a PPF roll of their choice, along with a free month of access to the VDT cutting software.

Find the PPF training schedule and registration here.

The new automotive window film training is a two-day class, also happening at six locations between August and November. Rachel Schabroni, manager/lead installer at Ohio-based Solar Solutions Inc., and Harold Nimitz,  owner of House of Tint, lead the classes.

In the course, attendees will be trained on installing Avery Dennison automotive window film and learn the techniques of cutting, installing, and heat shrinking to apply window film tint to all types of vehicles. Like Avery’s other classes, the training takes a mostly hands-on approach and touches on selling, promoting, and networking a wraps business. Each class member receives application tools and a 20′ roll of automotive material of their choice.

Find the automotive window film training schedule and registration here.


Alexandria Bruce

Allee Bruce is the managing editor of GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS magazines.

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