Vintage Vinyl: Matte Charcoal Metallic is the New Black

Aside from taking care of their customers' needs, St. Augustine Vehicle Wraps shows its giving side by donating cranial helmet wraps to families in need.

This week’s Vintage Vinyl video features a job by St. Augustine Vehicle Wraps, a Florida shop located in what is said to be the oldest city in the U.S. St. Augustine doesn’t do signs or banners-just the wraps, ma’am. And all types: fleet, color change, partial; and pretty much anything that moves: cars, trucks, boats, golf carts. As an aside, they also provide cranial helmet wraps, to help kids (and their loved ones) feel a little bit better about a tough procedure they’re having to go through. The company’s website says they do 3-4 a month, and features an application form where people can apply for a donated helmet. St. Augustine Vehicle Wraps is doing good in their neighborhood!

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