Refresh the Look of Your Storefront

This can be as easy as moving some counters around

Sometimes refreshing the look of your business is as easy as doing some sprucing up. Make sure you have adequate lighting and that the lights all work. Update that coat of paint and maybe use some accent colors to highlight your products better. Make sure that all of the glass is clean and devoid of dust. Glass and acrylic products, as well as the showcases that house them should be on a regular dusting schedule.

Featured products should always be at eye level and should be visible when a customer walks into your business. To test this, physically leave your building, and when you come back in, notice what visually hits you. If you have a number of products that you want to showcase, create a traffic pattern within your store to guide your customers toward these items. Sometimes this can be as easy as moving some counters around, or moving products from one wall to another.

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