LogoJET Announces Expansion to South America

Responding to growth in the South American market, LogoJET opened a new office in Bogota, Columbia.

Daniel Tobon LogoJET Bogota Columbia South America uv printing
Daniel Tobon LogoJET Bogota Columbia South America uv printing

Responding to growth in the South American market, LogoJET announces the opening of its new office in Bogota, Colombia. The new regional service center, located in Centro Empresarial Colpatria, will serve as the hub for LogoJET sales and service throughout South America.

“South America is a tremendous growth market for customization and personalization solutions,” says Susan Cox, LogoJET founder and CEO. “Bogota provides an exceptional business climate for launching our new regional center.”

Daniel Tobon, who was recently named LogoJET’s director of technical solutions a few months ago, will now manage the Bogota office. In addition to his background in technology at LogoJET, Tobon has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He began his work at LogoJET as a technical support representative, then moved on to be a technical specialist.

“We are thrilled about our new South American headquarters and promoting Daniel Tobon to the position of director of technical solutions,” says Lon Riley, vice president and chief operating officer of LogoJET. “In this role, he is a key member of the management team and responsible for our entire service delivery operation.”

Riley says that Tobon serves a vital role in managing special development projects and in the continuous improvement of the company’s hardware and software product lines, which will put him in an excellent position to lead South American growth.

“Daniel has become a trusted resource to our internal staff and our clients worldwide,” Riley said. “His experience and work ethic perfectly represent how we operate as a company in service of our clients.”

The LogoJET Bogota team looks to hire more employees in 2020 and will be offering in-house demos and hosting events to showcase its technology.

“UV printing is the solution for the world’s demand for personalization,” Riley concludes. “UV can print on virtually anything, and as UV specialists, we keep finding solutions for our customers’ challenges and product applications. I can’t wait to share our amazing printers with more people here in South America.”

To schedule a visit to see a demonstration of LogoJET printers in the new office in Bogota (or in their U.S. office in Lafayette, Louisiana), please contact Joelle Polisky at 615-516-0358.

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