Get Your Name Out There

Build a network of relationships for your business to grow.

Every business is different as are the clients it serves. Marketing efforts should reflect the clients you want to attract. 

A larger online presence (i.e., websites and social media) has the potential to grow the business beyond local markets. It may also attract customers that are simply looking at price as a deciding factor for a product. There are many options for an online presence, but it may require a certain skill set as well as continuing education with the technology to maximize your marketing efforts. 

If you prefer more control over who buys your products or if you are looking to grow a relationship and build loyalty with a client, networking in your current surroundings makes more sense. This includes joining clubs and associations such as a photography guild, chamber of commerce, non-profit organizations, or a neighborhood association. If your personal skill set includes the ability to make new acquaintances and influence people, then start networking. If not, you will need another medium to carry your voice, products, and services.

-Shon Roti, 9th Street Designs

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