Featured Project: Architectural Ceiling Design

American Girl uses precision board to enhance a room's look

When American Girl wanted a unique architectural ceiling design for their new store in New York, they got in touch with Moss Retail and Environments who, in turn, contacted Jim Dawson at Synergy Sign and Graphics. He consulted on the design and mounting for about six months, and once the designs were approved, Jim got the go ahead to make this creation a reality. Dawson fabricated the design out of large sheets of Precision Board HDU at his shop in Ohio, which were then broken down into smaller, shippable pieces that were sent to New York and then reassembled. 

“We used PBLT-18 in both 2 inch and 3 inch thicknesses,” Dawson says. “These shapes were cut from several large sheets of Precision Board from 4? x 8? up to 5? x 10?.”

Synergy was sent auto cad drawings of the ceiling and the individual profiles. They used Enroute Pro and nested everything to cut out the individual pieces. There was a “Part A” and “Part B,” which resulted in the fabrication of a lot of small pieces — 60 for one part, for example.

Dawson says, “For the large complicated petals, we cut the 10? by 10′ designs in half so the pieces were smaller for shipping and then reassembled. Installers used Bondo to reattach them after shipping and then touched up the seams.

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