Create One-Of-A-Kind Heirloom Products

Why memorial products make a great gift. 

Memorial products do not just have to be for those that have passed away – they are also great for those that are moving away or as a gift for someone who holds a special place in the heart. Maybe your customer has an employee or coworker that’s leaving. Help them send that person away with something that will remind them of where they once were. Plaques, desktop items, and clocks are the most common items you can sell for these memories.

Remember: it’s that extra personalization and little bit of time to brainstorm and get a feeling for what your customer’s needs are. That is how you can achieve that one-of-a-kind heirloom product.

-Shawna Flikkema, Colorado Heirloom

Shawna Flikkema

Shawna Flikkema was first introduced to the laser engraving world 10 years ago. She is now in charge of four laser machines, two direct color printers, marekting and web design at Colorado Heirloom, Inc. Each day brings new challenges, which helps her enjoy jer job. She works with sister-in-law Sherene Flikkema, and father and owner, Barry Stewart. 

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