CorelDRAW Tips and Tricks: Breaking Artistic Text

Have you ever had to re-laser a word or letter because it just didn’t engrave cleanly enough? Rather than lasering the whole text which can be time-consuming (assuming you are using Artistic Text), try this:

Make sure you save your file before you start breaking the text apart, as you might need to use the file again.

  1. Select the sentence, then on your top menu select Object>Break Artistic Text Apart (Ctrl+K).
  2. Select the word you want to re-laser.
  3. Select print to bring up your print driver, such as the Windows print driver.
  4. Select the radio button Selection, under Print range, and print (laser).

This will now only laser that word.

If you want to re-laser one or more letters:

  1. After breaking apart a sentence into words, repeat the process by selecting the word(s) you want to break into individual letters (Ctrl+K).
  2. Select one or more letters you want to re-laser and make sure the Selection radio button is pressed and send the file to the laser.

Watch the short screen video of the process above.

Information courtesy Bob Hagel of Eagle’s Mark. 

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