When printing on odd-shaped or curved items, what should graphic designers keep in mind?

As the surface of an item curves away from the print head, you may start to see the sharpness of the imprint decline. One way to maximize your imprint area is to use images that are more rounded in shape, as opposed to rectangular or square imprints, which may have to be printed at a smaller size to avoid fuzziness around the edges.

For odd-shaped items, taking a quick photo of the item. Using that photo to trace an outline of the shape in your graphics software can help you to create artwork that fits within the space and is positioned correctly on the item.

-Rachel Tindal, LogoJET

Rachel Tindal LogoJET

Rachel Tindal


Rachel Tindal is the art director at LogoJET and has over 20 years of experience in the printing and graphics industry. Originally from Ontario, Canada, she has worked with small print shops and promotional product businesses ranging to large corporate marketing firms. She has specialized in creating artwork for direct-to-substrate printing technology since 2005.

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