What needs to be kept top of mind when shopping for a direct-to-garment printer?

With various direct-to-garment (D2) printers available on the market, no one system fits the needs of everyone so understanding your actual needs are critical to choosing the right printer for your business. What you may consider looking for in a D2 printer is time and cost needed for maintenance, average print cost, average production times, and customer service as well as training options.

In an ideal D2 world, every company should have these in place to perfection. Of course, this is not reality. Whichever company and/or product you are researching, don’t be afraid to talk to a sales rep and ask tough questions pertaining to your needs. If the answers are well-defined, then the sales rep is not just selling you but sharing some actual knowledge they most likely encountered. If the answers are vague, the sales rep may not know the answer so simply ask if they could be more detailed or if someone else may have the information you are looking for.

It’s been my experience that a sales rep wants you to be a more than satisfied customer because it’s a win/win for everyone involved. If you define your needs, that balance will aid in giving you the peace of mind you made the right decision and empower you to sell your products and services with confidence.


Jerid Hill ColDesi

Jerid Hill

Jerid Hill has been a thought leader in the DTG industry pursuing new technologies for better quality and output. Jerid serves as the DTG product manager for ColDesi Inc. You can rely on Jerid's unique perspective in the garment industry, focusing on the end user's experience. He has extensive technical knowledge of DTG printing, as well as details and tips for preparing artwork, pretreating garments, expert level tips, and best overall practices for the garment printing realm.

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