What are the reasons a design might lift or peel after being heat printed?

In a Stahls’ Q&A video, educator Bob Robinson touches on some important heat printing topics. His insights for a failed or peeling design are as follows:

The first reason that comes to mind is the wrong material choice for the fabric. Every transfer is designed to go on a certain type of fabric.

Not following the proper application instruction including time, temperature, and pressure, as well as the peel, could result in a failed print.

Maybe your heat press temperature isn’t correct? It could be off or out of calibration. Purchase test strips to determine your press is actually at pressing temp.

Maybe you didn’t get the proper pressure. Be cautious of collars, buttons, and seams.

There could be a water-proof or stain-resistant coating on the fabric. If you see steam when pressing, that’s either moisture or some sort of coating on the apparel itself.


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