What advice would you give to those whose lasers are not yet equipped with camera technology?

Users of systems that are considering moving to a model with a camera system should look at how they would use the system to see if it’s worth the additional investment. People that make the best use of the camera system are ones that are doing a fair amount of cutting of pre-printed items. Maybe this isn’t a market you are currently in, but is it one that you think could add a lot of value to your business? Then a system with a camera recognition system is a good choice for you.

-James Stanaway, Epilog

James Stanaway Epilog Laser

James Stanaway

Epilog Laser

James Stanaway is the director of marketing for Epilog Laser and has been with the company since 2001. In this time, Stanaway has greatly strengthened the marketing efforts not only for the company, but he has also implemented many programs and resources for Epilog Laser users and customers to help build their brand, expand their business, and better understand all the applications available with their laser system.

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