Working with Screen-Printed Heat Transfers

Keep these considerations top of mind when working with screen-printed transfers. 

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when working with screen-printed transfers:

  • The size of the job you are printing: A 48-plus order is ideal for using screen-printed transfers. Keep in mind, pending the number of colors, 48 still may be cost prohibitive.
  • The number of colors in your design: The screen-printing method charges per color and by the number of sheets, so keeping the number of colors to a minimum will save on costs.
  • The heat press: Consider applying with a heat press that gives a digital read-out of time, temperature, and pressure so you are positively using the correct application every time.
Jenna Sackett

Jenna Sackett


Jenna Sackett is an educator and content creator for Stahls'. Jenna has dedicated her time with Stahls’ learning the ins and outs of heat printing and educating nationwide at industry trade shows and events. She also hosts web-based classes, webinars and creates educational videos for Stahls’ TV YouTube. Whether you are making custom apparel for friends and family, running a brick and mortar business, or selling online, she knows the tips and tricks that make an apparel decorator successful in this ever-growing marketplace.

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