Expanding Your ADA Designs

Open up the possibilities of ADA signage with these pointers

One of the most important pieces of equipment for expanding your ADA design horizons is the color printer. The entire background of a sign can be printed on vinyl and then adhered to the second surface of a sign. As long as there is still adequate contrast, that means you can still cut the raised characters out from colored application material and apply them to matte clear acrylic.

That opens up the possibility as well for “window” signs, where a second layer of acrylic is sandwiched behind the top layer, a space is created by using double-faced tape, and an insert with changeable information can be printed and inserted between the two layers.

Layering is also an effective way to add design elements to simple cut-out shapes. Supplies now have many interesting materials, such as metallics, woods, and colorful overall designs. Tactile information can still follow all the rules for easy visual and touch readability, and then the tactile sign section can be applied onto highly decorative and even shiny backplates.

Sharon Toji, ADA Sign Products

Sharon Toji

Sharon, also known as The ADA Sign Lady, is the president of ADA Sign Products, as well as a consultant for the company. She's authored a manual, “Signs and the ADA,” and began her journey in ADA signage in 1980.

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