My first D2 print came out faded, should I run another pass over it?

It depends on quite a few factors and sending the garment in for a second pass may not necessarily solve the issue. Faded prints could be related to the file itself, RIP software settings, fabric, the brand of the garment, whether or not pretreatment was used, inks, and print head health. Understanding the basics of D2 printing is fundamental in achieving mediocre versus incredible prints.


Jerid Hill ColDesi

Jerid Hill

Jerid Hill has been a thought leader in the DTG industry pursuing new technologies for better quality and output. Jerid serves as the DTG product manager for ColDesi Inc. You can rely on Jerid's unique perspective in the garment industry, focusing on the end user's experience. He has extensive technical knowledge of DTG printing, as well as details and tips for preparing artwork, pretreating garments, expert level tips, and best overall practices for the garment printing realm.

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