If purchasing a router for the first time, what should be considered?

First and foremost, the retailer needs to identify if they have the need for the capabilities of a router and identify the best machine for their need. They should also identify how the router would fit in with their current equipment and production capabilities.

Retailers should research all that is required to set up a router; including cost, space, possible additional equipment (computer and vacuum pump), and dust/chip collection.

A significant concern that frequently gets overlooked with the purchase of equipment is training and customer service. Many retailers with engraving machine experience will immediately be able to adapt their knowledge and skills to a router; however, this does not mean that a router should be run like an engraving machine.

There are numerous settings, capabilities, and procedures that vary from machine to machine. It is best for a retailer to make sure they get training with the purchase of equipment, plus ensure they have a resource via the salesperson or the machine manufacturer who can provide assistance after the sale.

The best training in the world will not teach a retailer all of the features and specifics of a machine and its software. A retailer should have a resource other than trial and error when they encounter challenges after the sale.

-Chuck Donaldson, Antares Inc.

Chuck Donaldson

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