How can effective merchandising sell items?

Consider presentation, bundles, and simplicity.

Color: The human eye is attracted to color. Use a pop of color to direct the eye to a particular item, or a monotone palette to create a visually intricate experience.

Number of items: The display shouldn’t be too busy. Don’t try to cram all your products into one area.

Grouping = upselling: Is there a theme? Would a customer who is purchasing custom T-shirts also use matching koozies, bags, or hats? Think of ways to upsell before a customer even speaks to you.

Keep it simple: Everyday items used effectively in a display can stick in a customer’s mind long after they leave a store. Inspiration is all around.

And, most importantly, do not be afraid to experiment. If you put something together and the message doesn’t quite work, take the display down and try again!

—Transfer Express

Emily Gajewski

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