Top of the World Forms Licensing Deal with UConn

Top of the World (TOW) forms a three-year deal with the University of Connecticut (UConn). 

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top of the world
top of the world

FOWLERVILLE, Mich.-Top of the World (TOW) inks a three-year deal with the University of Connecticut (UConn). The Hartford Business Journal reports the agreement is a three-year trademark licensing partnership for merchandise sales at big-box retail chains.

According to the report, TOW pays a minimum royalty of $27,000 per year to IMG College, UConn’s trademark licensing manager with the deal. The journal says TOW also provides the university with marketing resources to promote UConn’s brand.

Kyle Muncy, director of strategic partnerships and business development at UConn, tells the journal that the partnership helps the university “provide a more complete apparel and headwear offering across the market.”

The agreement is slotted to take effect July 2019. To see the full report, visit

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