Featured Project: Zytronic Displays Chosen for Coke Machines

Zytronic sells its touch-screen displays into multiple industries, including signage, retail and banking.

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Zytronic Displays Chosen for Coke Machines

UK-based Zytronic, makers of touch-sensitive screens for a variety of self-service, industrial and public-facing applications, was chosen to supply the touch panel for the proprietary Coca-Cola Freestyle beverage dispenser.

Touch-screen technology continues to grow in popularity in the signage and retail markets, and these Coke machines use the technology to serve more than 100 different branded beverage from one machine.

The Coke machines use Zytronic’s ZYBRID customized touch sensor, which itself uses the company’s patented “projected capacitive” technology. It also enables the dispenser to share product information on the 15.1″ display screen. The graphical user interface is mounted behind a molded acrylic full-front facia that can be wiped clean. The ZYBRID sensors work through the acrylic for a seamless interface between consumer and machine.

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