What tools can be used to assure accuracy when assembling an award base with UV glue?

For assembling the base onto the award with UV glue, we recommend using a gluing template with a grid to make sure the base is straight and centered. This may take some practice but eventually, it becomes simple with experience.

The template we mainly use is a transparent sheet printed with square grids, similar to graph paper. You can adjust the square size to your preference, but we use half-inch squares, since most bases vary in size in increments of half an inch.

To use the template, you simply place the base on top of the template with the edges of the base lined up straight against the squares in the template. Then, looking down at the base, count the squares to determine where the center of the base is (or wherever you plan on gluing the top portion of the award to, though it is usually the center). Once you determine the position, apply a small amount of UV glue to the top and carefully place it down onto the base so it is lined up straight on the grid. You may make small adjustments to the position to make sure it is centered and straight. Once you have the position to your liking, turn on the UV light to cure the glue.

Gluing crystal and glass award components together in the precise position takes practice. The quality of gluing really has to do more with how experienced the gluer is, regardless of whether or not they use a template or not. Templates are simply a great tool to help gain that experience in a faster and more efficient way, so we encourage everyone to use them.

-Jean Chen, Crystal by Design

Jean Chen

Jean Chen is a co-owner of the awards and glass vendor, Crystal by Design. She joined the family business in 2005, and helping people recognize and celebrate achievements has been her passion ever since.

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