Soft Substrates for Heat Transfer

Follow these guidelines when heat transferring onto soft substrates such as apparel.

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Ideally, fabrics that are 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and 50/50 blends are the perfect canvas when using the proper heat transfer paper specific for the application. For example, to digitally print onto white or light color garments, use either laser or inkjet papers specific for that application that can hold up to the temperature and pressure required for heat transfer. Inkjet paper has to be weeded/trimmed, whereas laser papers specific for use on white and pastels will be no-weed. Sublimation designs actually merge with the garment’s 100% polyester coating when applied to white, pre-coated T-shirts, team wear, socks, and towels, for example. Full-color coverage with prominent design detail will be the result.

For heat transferring onto dark apparel and other fabrics like towels and pillowcases, the transfer process using laser or inkjet papers follows the same guidelines as for transferring onto white/light color substrates. And of course, always pre-test.

-Gregory Markus, Rhinotech

Gregory Markus

Gregory Markus is the president of Rhinotech. 

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