How Signage Impacts Brand Awareness

On-premise signage for brick and mortar businesses is said to have a positive economic impact on an organization, as well as its consumers and the surrounding community. Businesses reported that having a sign for their storefront would ensure they stand out, or reinforce their brand, which was far more important to them.

Previous studies have stated that approximately three-fourths of consumers who walked into a store would later go on to refer a friend because the signage used made the business stand out. Furthermore, two-thirds went on to purchase as a result.

Effective business signage is also known to increase an organization’s revenue. 38.5% of shoppers, between the ages of 18 and 24, reported making optimistic assumptions about a business based solely upon the clarity and appeal of its signage. Over 50% of companies who had previously made changes to signage reported an overall positive impact on sales and an increase in profits and the number of transactions.

Conversely, consumers went on to report that businesses without signage or bad signage deterred them from entering the store altogether, which would indicate that a company can only benefit from effective signage.

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