How can decorators avoid scorching during heat transfer?

Some soft and sensitive fabric will have a shiny surface everywhere it has been heated, due to a scorching/searing effect of the heat platen on the material. Velvet, suede, and other similar surfaces will be seared and flattened to an undesirable appearance. This is just the nature of pressing this material at the temperature the transfer or appliqué requires. A bottom heat platen/attachment is an excellent solution to this issue. A bottom heat platen (not available on all presses – contact the manufacturer) allows the top heat to be turned down or turned off. The heat comes from the underside of the fabric, draws the adhesive through the fabric for excellent adhesion, and there is no direct heating or searing/scorching of the surface from the top side.

—Geo Knight

Aaron Knight

Aaron Knight is the Vice President of Geo Knight & Co., Inc.

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