How can a decorated products retailer appeal to local clients?

When I create products for a local client, the product may be a suggestion from the client, or it can come from my suggestions after doing a little research and using some intuition. For example, one of my clients sells home and auto insurance. Products for this business usually fall into the utilitarian genre and include items that can be used in the home and car. I have pitched, produced, and sourced ice scrapers, custom car air fresheners, lip balm (a wintertime favorite in the north country), pens, chip clips, drinkware, flashlight keychains, and stocking caps.

Another client of mine exhibits her business frequently at trade shows around the country. She is always looking for something small and portable. With webcam security covers being light and small, several thousand can be easily transported in a suitcase without taking up too much space.

   —9th Street Designs

Shon Roti

Shon Roti

Shon Roti is the owner of 9inthStreetDesigns, a sublimation and graphic design consulting business, and has a career in the awards and promotional products industry spanning over 20 years. He can be reached at [email protected]

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