Roland DGA Launches Redesigned Online Store

The company's e-commerce portal has received a total makeover, resulting in a new look and more intuitive navigation

(Image courtesy Roland DGA)

Roland DGA, a provider of large-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters, announces the launch of its redesigned online store.

According to Roland, the e-commerce portal has received a total makeover, resulting in a new look, more intuitive navigation, and a simpler purchasing and check-out process. It also says that those who visit the online store via their smartphones will find that the mobile version is easier to use than before.

The company says the online store is a virtual one-stop shop for Roland DG parts and accessories as well as some consumables. Visitors can buy replacement components and media for Roland DGA’s digital imaging machines, and online shoppers can also purchase select Roland DG desktop devices directly through the online store.

“Essentially, it’s a brand new e-commerce platform,” notes Lily Hunter, senior product manager. “Our team has made extensive customer-facing and back-end changes to make the overall customer experience more enjoyable, efficient, and convenient. We’re extremely pleased with the end result, and we’re confident users will immediately recognize and appreciate the significant improvements.”

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