Presto Tape Launches eCommerce Site for PrestoTex

(Image courtesy Kate McKeever, Presto Tape)

Presto Tape, a print media and specialty tapes manufacturer, launches an eCommerce site for its PrestoTex print media.

Rich Speeney, president of Presto Tape, tells GRAPHICS PRO, “We wanted to give PrestoTex its own brand identity and streamline the product assortment to make it easier for customers to select the right product variation.”

When asked why the company went this route rather than selling the product directly on the Presto Tape site, Speeney explains, “We wanted to make PrestoTex accessible to everyone and easy to purchase, whether potential customers are interior designers, marketers, business owners, print shops, DIYers, or parents with children looking for a creative outlet. Our Presto Tape distribution customers come to us with separate requirements and for a different product assortment of specialty tapes and surface films, so there was a need to create an eCommerce site outside of that for new customers to navigate easily.”

PrestoTex will be purchasable from both sites in the future. For now, customers can find product information, available variations, install images, sample purchase requests, and technical printer specifications on Speeney says visitors will have a streamlined, easy-to-navigate experience without having to click through multiple links to find information.

Speeney adds that the company wants customers to leave the site feeling “inspired and empowered to create whatever their imagination can put to paper.”

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