Heat Transfer Warehouse Pitches in for the Holidays

Heat Transfer Warehouse participates in a holiday gift drive for children in the Fargo, North Dakota area. 

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heat transfer warehouse
heat transfer warehouse

FARGO, N.D.-Heat Transfer Warehouse participates in a holiday gift drive for children in the Fargo, North Dakota area. The company’s initiative benefits students at the nearby McKinley Elementary School.

The company organizes an annual shopping trip with employees from the Fargo headquarters to purchase gifts for students at the school. Typically, the team of shoppers from company headquarters is approximately 23 employees. This 2018 outing marks the third consecutive year Heat Transfer Warehouse has undertaken the project.

“Here at Heat Transfer Warehouse, we heavily value family time around the holidays,” says Brendon Ranagan, marketing associate at Heat Transfer Warehouse. “Knowing that we can provide gifts for children that would otherwise not receive gifts on Christmas truly means a lot to us.”

heat transfer warehouse
Image courtesy Heat Transfer Warehouse 

This year’s contribution features $5,000 worth of gifts for approximately 100 students. In addition to gift-giving, Ranagan says the Fargo office also recently collaborated with The Great North Pole, a group that works with non-profits and community partnerships to help children and families in the region. The group coordinates deliveries of holiday boxes, featuring goods like bath products, winter hats, and children’s games to families in the greater Fargo area. Heat Transfer Warehouse employees volunteered time with the Great North Pole to work towards their goal of reaching 600 families this holiday season.

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