FDC Graphic Films Employees Recognized for Exemplifying Values

Luz Aguilar, Juan Cervantes, and Anthony Quan exemplified one or more of the company’s five core values

Q3 2022 Core Value Awards - FDC Graphic Films, Inc. (RGB)
Award recipient Luz Aguilar, production lead. (Image courtesy FDC Graphic Films)

FDC Graphic Films recently recognized three of its employees as “Core Values Ambassadors” in the third quarter of 2022 for exemplifying one or more of the company’s five core values.

“Our team, our customers, and the world have faced difficult challenges this past year. These team members demonstrate their commitment to the core values through their actions, which makes me very proud,” says Judy Eck, CEO of FDC. “Thank you to all of the nominees. It is a pleasure to be surrounded by a team that is passionate about the FDC’s goals and exhibits compassion toward one another every day.”

Luz Aguilar, recently promoted to production team lead, was recognized for her integrity and engagement. According to the company, Aguilar is dedicated to her work, organized, cares about the perfect products for customers, and is patient with her colleagues.

The team member who nominated her recalls that when Aguilar was a prior craft lead, she made the craft department tidier and safer and motivated her when she was nervous about participating in a physical inventory for the first time. Aguilar told her in Spanish, “No le tengas miedo al trabajo major que el trabajo te tenga miedo a ti,” (“Don’t be afraid of hard work; hard work should be afraid of you,”) which helped change her way of thinking and finish the physical inventory strong. Aguilar is also an active member of the FDC work-life team.

In the company’s fourth double nomination, a shipping team was nominated for kindness and drive for success. Team members include Shipping Associates Juan Cervantes and Anthony Quan. According to the company, Cervantes and Quan helped ship 20 extra orders to meet the company’s goals and are always willing to help anyone. In addition, when the department needed assistance due to a temporary labor shortage, they both stayed late to ensure that shipments were sent out on time. This is Cervantes’ second award, the first earlier this year for his engagement and again for his drive for success.

Each employee received an FDC Core Values Ambassador Award certificate from the FDC Work-Life Team signed by Eck.

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