Top 5 Things to Avoid When Purchasing a Router

Avoid these mistakes when purchasing a router

You’ll want to avoid these purchasing mistakes when shopping for a router.

1. Buying the cheapest

This is strictly a short-term financial decision that may be costlier in the long-term. The downside to this decision may be lower performance, less reliability, and the limited availability of parts.

2. Choosing the wrong process area

Buying a machine with more capacity than needed is not cost-effective. Nor is the purchase of a router that turns out to have less-than-needed capacity. Buyers should seek expert advice.

3. Not planning for future production requirements

The buyer should match the machine to future goals. A router can play a huge part in the company’s growth.

4. Misjudging various tooling required for multiple materials

Bed size and variety are likely to require different cutting heads and tooling. The router should have the flexibility to process multiple materials and utilize a variety of cutting tools.

5. Missing out on necessary accessories to keep costs down

A router that is a productive workhouse used to its maximum capacity pays for itself over time. Insist on factory-employed expertise to determine the right accessories and options for the business and its applications. This should be a priority.

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