StickerYou Announces Launch of Sticker Store

The retail space opened in Toronto, Canada on August 12. 

StickerYou, an ecommerce startup and customized die-cut sticker company, launched a sticker store in Toronto, Canada. Since opening on Monday, August 12, customers are now able to shop for custom stickers in-person. 

“We are proud to open the world’s largest sticker store in Toronto,” says Andrew Witkin, founder and CEO of StickerYou. “We are excited to give customers the chance to interact with our products and experience the creative potential of stickers for business or personal expression. At StickerYou, we make what matters stick.”

Witkin started StickerYou in 2008 with one machine and some coded software to create customized designs for any sticker fan. In 2010, StickerYou became the first website worldwide to offer the ability to design and order die-cut stickers, according to the company. Over time, the offerings expanded and customers grew. Ten years later, StickerYou uses proprietary die-cut technology to produce customized stickers, decals, iron-ons, badges, patches, labels, magnets, and more, in orders of one to hundreds of thousands. 

Witkin explains the store is a way to drive brand awareness and online sales. “In addition to offering customers the chance to experience the quality and creativity of our products in person, the retail space is part of an omnichannel strategy that considers the impressions made from consumer engagement and brand awareness in walk-by traffic against online advertising spend,” Witkin elaborates. 

Customers can purchase ready-made stickers, as well as view use-cases for custom products and learn about the history of stickers and sticker art. According to Witkin, the focus on experience is intended to showcase the potential of stickers, to put customers in a creative space where they can be inspired to create stickers for themselves, for business, or for personal expression.

The storefront features a three-story-high sticker-bombed design, installed in collaboration with 3M. The interior, also sticker-bombed, provides a custom experience center where customers can touch and feel stickers and be inspired, according to the company. The space will also have a sticker art museum, showcasing the history of stickers through the ages. 

The company plans to open the store in phases. Over the course of the next month, it will add the custom experience center and sticker art museum. A launch event will be held in late September. There will also be a sticker art exhibition in the fall. “We envision the space as having a ‘wow’ factor for local customers and tourists, and are applying for a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest sticker store,” adds Wilkin. 

The shop can be found at 677-679 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada.

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