Managing the Nemesis of UV-LED Printing: White Ink

What to look out for when purchasing a UV-LED printer

The settling of white ink is a nemesis of high-quality prints and print head operation. Poor management of white ink can lead to clogged print heads and a gray or non-opaque white ink.

Earlier models of UV-LED printers required the operator to remove and shake the white ink cartridge prior to printing. The vigorous shaking or agitation allowed the white ink to remain in suspension and ready for quality printing. Oftentimes, operators would forget to shake the cartridge and issues would occur.

Now it’s much simpler. Prospective UV-LED owners should look for models equipped with an automatic white ink circulation system that not only circulates the ink vessel, but the lines as well. When set properly, these systems will continue to circulate the white ink (at a specified interval) during and after operation. White ink is always at the ready when an automatic circulation system is present – a benefit that keeps print quality high and production time up.

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