Issue Preview: Engraving Cork, Textile Dye-Sub Printing, and Wall Graphics

Here's a preview of what you can find in GRAPHICS PRO November

In the November issue of GRAPHICS PRO, set to mail and hit a screen near you on Oct. 25, print and graphics professionals cover laser engraving cork coasters, dye-sub printing on textiles, steps for applying wall graphics, and much more. Plus, don’t miss the Laser Engraving Report!

Here’s a first look at what you’ll find exclusively in GRAPHICS PRO November.

Laser Engraving Coasters

Amy Dallman, Epilog Laser

  • “Not only are cork coasters a profitable product offering for engraving shops, but they are also readily available in all kinds of shapes and sizes through a variety of sellers, including laserable material manufacturers and craft/hobby stores.”
  • “In this how-to project, we’ll walk you through the steps of customizing cork coasters. Whether you’re doing one or 100, the process is, by and large, the same.”

Textile Dye-Sublimation Printing Comes Into its Own

Paula Aven Gladych

  • “Dye-sublimation printing is very versatile and can be used for soft signage, apparel, home decor, and promotional items.”
  • “For print shops new to dye-sublimation, the process is much simpler than it used to be. When deciding to enter this market, it is essential for a shop’s staff to understand each machine’s full benefits, uses, and capabilities to help them meet increased demand.”

Panel by Panel: 3 Steps to Apply Wall Graphics

Malcolm Gieske, IDWraps.com

  • “As always, we want to be sure that our graphics are the correct size. Check the actual wall measurements against the printed dimensions. Customer-supplied dimensions are always suspect for error.”
  • “This process will vary with experience and material selection, and you’ll establish your own problem-solving/efficiency improvement techniques.”

Find these articles, plus much more, in GRAPHICS PRO November.

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Marie Fennema is the editor of the GRAPHICS PRO Today, covering news and guidance in apparel decoration, awards and engraving, and sign and digital printing.

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