Issue Preview: Business Growth

Here's a preview of what you can find in GRAPHICS PRO June

In the June issue of GRAPHICS PRO, set to mail and hit a screen near you on May 25, industry pros dive into all things business growth and expansion, plus don’t miss the INTERIORS Special Section — a collection of content focused on decor and custom branding applications.

Here’s a first look at what you’ll find exclusively in GRAPHICS PRO June.

What You Need to Know to Expand Your Sublimation Offerings

Howard Potter, A&P Master Images

  • “Knowing what your equipment is capable of is important when selecting new products to sublimate. If you do not have the equipment for the product you want to bring in, then you have another cost to add, so it is important to take a step back and double-check that your equipment can handle any new product(s).”
  • “Researching the product is important. Is it a fad or not? Is it easy to sublimate? How is the stock on this item? If something is a fad, be cautious. Make sure that you get in early on the trend and don’t carry too deep of stock, or you could be stuck with it.”
  • “Your basic research is the cheapest and most valuable information that you have. If the item is used often or is popular, guess what happens? Your sales naturally increase out of the gate and become steady.­­”

Selling Promotional Products without Thousands of Dollars of New Equipment

Jeremy Picker, AMB3R Creative

  • “If you are a screen printer, DTG business, or another decorator, and you are not yet offering promotional products — such as totes, bandanas, mugs, and pens — you may be selling yourself short and leaving a good chunk of change on the table.”
  • “If you like to have everything in-house and maintain control over every aspect of the process, it might be simple to add on a few items with just a bit of research on materials and products that will lend themselves well to the equipment you already own.”
  • “If you want to maintain a lean infrastructure and let those with the good equipment solve a problem for you, know that your promotional product offerings can essentially be endless.”

Customer Service Creates Repeat Clients

Charity Jackson, Visual Horizons Custom Signs

  • “Other than signage on our building, all of our jobs come from repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising — customers telling others about us. Hands down, this is the best type of advertising.”
  • “How many times have you emailed or called a company requesting a quote on something, and you don’t hear back for a few days? Those in-between days are super important because sometimes you find another company that responds quicker, or a slow response makes you hesitant.”
  • “When working with customers, it’s tempting to want to do the talking while explaining methods and materials, and there is definitely a time for that as part of the sales process, but listening should come first.”

Find these business growth articles, plus much more in GRAPHICS PRO June.


Alexandria Bruce

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