How SpeedPro’s Studio Owner is Transforming His Business

SpeedPro Desert Valley owners work to break down barriers for autistic individuals

Savanna and Perry Stephens, owners of SpeedPro Desert Valley in Phoenix, Arizona, work to break down barriers for autistic individuals. The family has a personal understanding of the challenges because Perry and their two children, Aiden and Ally, are autistic.

As a business owner, Perry supports autism awareness in the community and sets an example that those facing the disability can overcome the challenges and have successful careers in the printing industry and as entrepreneurs.

“There is a place for everyone in the workplace,” says Perry. His drive to illustrate how people with autism can pursue their passions is shown in how he runs his business and inspires his family.

Originally hailing from New Mexico, Savannah and Perry took the leap and moved to Arizona in March 2020 to begin their new adventure of opening a SpeedPro franchise.

From day one, they committed to creating an environment where their kids can see that being individuals with autism doesn’t have to be limiting. This dedication and inclusive mentality in their personal lives came to the office. Perry was involved in setting up job training through Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) in Arizona. Post-pandemic, their goal is to actively hire individuals with autism as interns and full-time staff.

SpeedPro Desert Valley is also dedicated to collaborating with partners and networks passionate about autism awareness by being involved in events and opportunities that amplify their mission. Part of their commitment to awareness includes clearing up potential misconceptions related to employees’ abilities by demonstrating how autistic individuals can excel.

Savanna and Perry value having a diverse team and are changing the lives of those in their community. They have navigated some of the recent challenges from the pandemic with the support of their team and now focus their business model on providing high-quality custom, large-format printing while eliminating hurdles and saving time and money for their clients.

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