Why does the volume or flow of abrasive through the sandcarving nozzle matter?

The greater the flow of abrasive, the higher the frictional heat, and the higher the frictional heat, the less design detail.

Macro nozzles with more frictional heat are used for high production with less design detail. Micro nozzles with less frictional heat are used for detailed design work – whether in high-production runs or one-time-only part production.

—Media Blast & Abrasive

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Robert Robinson

Robert Robinson draws from four decades of experience in the sandcarving industry. In 1977, Robinson founded Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc., manufacturer of the CrystalBlast line of sandcarving and etching machinery and manufacturer of abrasive blasting cabinets. As a consultant to Media Blast, Robinson continues to design new machinery in response to the needs of the sandcarving manufacturing industry.

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