Which target markets are more apt to purchase glass and crystal gifts?

Many agree that women are apt to be better at selecting and giving gifts. Gifts that women choose tends to be more fitting with sentimental value attached. These are often personal gifts geared toward a specific person that makes it more special. You may notice more occasions when female customers order gifts than male customers. Some might even have husbands whose wives handle the gift giving. Why not suggest a crystal heart-shaped paperweight for the beloved husband to place on his desk?

Due to perceived value and price point, crystal and glass tends to attract the 40-year-old or older crowd. These age groups are likely to have and value sentimental gifts. They have lived longer, have been married longer, and perhaps have more reason to celebrate. It is often tied to budget, too.

—CIP Creation Corp.

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Chung-In Park

Chung-In Park has been in her family crystal business all her life. CIP Creation Corp. has been her life in addition to hobbies like hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and trying good food places. She has a family of four, two being her loving dogs. She went to the University of Richmond and received her Bachelor's degrees in Business Marketing and Fine Art.

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