Which printing methods are self-weeding?

Sublimation is naturally self-weeding as only the ink is transferred to the fabric. The process is as easy as print, press, and peel.

Most heat transfer papers are not self-weeding with the exception of “two-step” laser transfer papers such as FOREVER Laser Dark. With heat transfer paper, a transfer layer carries the print to the garment, and unless you want a noticeable background the shape of the paper on your T-shirt, you have to trim around the image with scissors or a cutting plotter.

On transfer papers for light-colored garments, the transfer layer is clear and mostly invisible, and trimming is optional; however, if you don’t trim it, you will be able to physically feel the transfer layer even where the image is not present. On “one-step” transfer papers for darks, unprinted areas show a white background, so trimming is essential.

-Matthew Maurer, Coastal Business Supplies

Matthew Maurer

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