What is the best way to apply aerosol spray to metal?

An aerosol spray can is the go-to application method for most products. An aerosol can is easy and ready to use. The only thing you have to do is shake the can to allow the small ball inside to mix the product.

An important tip about spraying with an aerosol can is that the best coverage is a light, even coat. Although it may seem that a thicker coat is better, there is no need to apply a heavy coating, and you will often get a better-quality mark with a thinner coating. With a thicker coat, you also have to run your laser at slower speeds, adding time to your project. The ideal amount of coverage is when you get a light, even layer that is not completely opaque.


For more metal marking options, check out The Laser Engraving Report in the November ’19 issue of A&E.

Ryan Huddleston

Ryan Huddleston is the co-founder and creator of Enduramark.

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