What challenges do shops face when going green?

One of the biggest challenges in going green is figuring out what to do with the old stuff. Those products need to be disposed of in a responsible manner according to your municipal law and regulations. Never pour any ink, whether water-based, plastisol, or acrysol, down the drain or in the garbage.

Before switching to a “green” system, be sure to research and do your thorough due diligence to ensure that what you are replacing your current products with is sustainable and environmentally conscious.  Consider the carbon footprint of the products you are about to switch to, the real components (ingredients), disposal methods, etc.

In addition, switching to a new product is bound to come with a learning curve, which often means learning how to use it. Will it yield the same outcome as the other products? Is more energy required to print or cure it? Does it cause more waste?

—International Coatings Company

Mark Brouillard

Mark Brouillard is a product manager for International Coatings Co. Inc. For more information on International Coatings and its products, visit and read the company's blog at

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