What are some ways individual nodes can be adjusted in CorelDRAW?

Beginning with CorelDRAW2018, individual nodes can be selected within a vector object and either aligned, distributed, or both. For instance, if using the Bezier tool, you clicked to place a node, moved to the right, clicked again, then down, click, then left, click; and finally click back on the starting point, you would end up with a four-sided polygon. Selecting the two nodes to the left and clicking Align Left gives you a vertical straight line on the left. Doing the same thing to the two nodes to the right and clicking Align Right would give you a vertical straight line on the right. Repeat this on the top two nodes and choose Align Top and then do the same on the bottom choosing Align Bottom. The polygon would become a rectangle by way of node alignment.

Being able to Align and Distribute nodes provides a whole new approach to editing a vector graphic, especially those requiring precise measurements.

Learn more about aligning an object to a path in CorelDRAW.

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