What advice do you have for print shops new to POP/exhibit projects?

Both styles of product can be somewhat daunting if not previously done as there are many things to consider when building a POP stand or trade show booth. There are materials that make the structure, which can include aluminum extrusion, steel, tubing, or possibly pre-constructed hardware, which may be new to a business that has not delved into the world of displays.

Usually, a project manager and a building team are needed to accomplish the building of an exhibit project as multiple personnel makes it easier and faster to get a structure/booth built. It’s recommended for a company to practice the crawl, walk, run theory when moving into this world, meaning start with something small like an inline 10-by-10 booth or individual POP stand to get used to the product line and see if it is something that the company would like to pursue.

Mike Morrison

Mike is the national sales director for WS Display, a company that specializes in wholesale portable trade show displays, banner stands and large format digital printing.

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