How can I tell if something is wrong with my fume extractor?

Good extraction systems let you know if there is a fault and even what the fault is. There are some basic checks you can do, however.

  • If your extractor isn’t clearing smoke from the laser enclosure as fast as it used to, then it’s a sign that airflow has decreased.
  • If there is a smell coming from the exhaust of the extractor, then it’s a sign that the filters are close to being full or already are. Be careful as most materials will “off-gas” for a long time after they are lasered; and a lot of users store the cut material in the same room, making it smell and tricking the user into thinking the filters aren’t working.

—BOFA International

Josh Evans

Joshua Evans

Joshua Evans is an applications engineer for BOFA International. He provides pre-sales technical support, generates and delivers training material to internal staff and external customers, and develops technical tools to streamline and enhance the sales process.

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